That’s All Right, sixty years on

Elvis Presley That's All Right

This year marks the 60th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s recording of ‘That’s All Right’ (Mama). First recorded at Sun Studio, Memphis Tennessee on 5 July 1954, the song was first played on US radio by DJ Dewey Phillips, and the rest is history.

To mark the song’s anniversary, actor and musician Sam Palladio hosted ‘That’s All Right: 60 Years On’ live from Sun Studio – I mean, where else would it be held?

Originally written and performed by blues singer Arthur Crudup in the 1940s, Elvis took the song and made it his own.

The famous Sun Record label was owned by entrepreneur Sam Phillips back in the 1950s  and he first recorded Elvis, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash and many more.  The story goes, that Sam was looking for a ‘white man who sounds like a black man’ and that his assistant Marion Keiser knew of someone – Elvis. Sam arranged for Elvis to team up with two local session players, bassist Bill Black and guitarist Scotty Moore, and together they produced this song.

It’s rockabilly at its best.

Here’s some classic footage of Elvis singing ‘That’s All Right’ in his 1968 NBC TV special. The song is still all right, sixty years on!

Sun Studio – the birthplace of rock and roll

Sun Studio

If you love music, then one of the best things you can do in Memphis is take a tour of Sun Studio, the heart and soul of rock and roll.

This video gives a great insight into the studio. If you’ve taken the tour in the last few years you may remember Cora Pitt – she’s in the video, and I remember her knowledge on the topic was amazing.

Well that’s all right now mama, any way you do.


What’s rockabilly?

An early form of rock and roll music in the 1950s made famous by singers such as Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis. The genre includes a mix of country, bluegrass and rhythm and blues and the influence continues to remain strong in Nashville and Memphis.


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